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AMAL Charity Treasure Hunt
Since last May, City-Link Express has been featured in the newspapers regarding our involvement with the Pertubuhan Anak Melaka Malaysia (AMAL).

AMAL and together with various government bodies, organised a charity treasure hunt to help the less fortunate. The treasure hunt was also to coincide with Sukma XIII.To represent City-Link Express, we have seven intrepid treasure hunters...

Nordin (Admin)
Adnan (Finance)
Asri (Admin)
Syah (ICT)
Basri (BDD)
Norhayati (Finance)
Zahzurinawati (BDD)

The treasure hunt was gruelling. While we did not emerge as winners but Basri was lucky enough to win himself a great prize during the lucky draw.

While our first foray into treasure hunting was not a successful one, the ultimate winners are the people we get to help with our donation.

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