How To Ship
To make your shipping experience with us a pleasure, we have prepared a step-by-step guide for customers on how to ship with City-Link Express. Feel free to browse through this informative guide.

1. How to fill in your Consignment Note
The consignment note is City-Link Express legal document, which contains all necessary information of the shipment for City-Link to perform a successful delivery. It tells us where the shipment is going, who is receiving it, and how to contact the recipient. It also tells us which type of service you are using, the description of the shipment and if special handling is required. The consignment number located below the barcode is used to track your shipment on our website. This is how a consignment note looks like:

When filling a City-Link consignment note, please write while pressing firmly against the consignment note, preferably with a ballpoint pen. To ensure the readability of the consignment notes, typewriters or dot matrix printers can be used.

1a. Shipper/Sender Information

How do we address you, the shipper; your company or home address. Finally
   your contact details.
We prefer mobile phone numbers for easier accessibility to contact you.

1b. Consignee/Recipient Information

Fill in the consignee / recipient name, delivery address and contact information.
Please provide the correct postal/zip codes to ensure the shipment is forwarded to the    correct destination.
Include the receiver’s contact details especially the mobile phone number so that we
   can contact that person, if needed, to ensure the shipment is delivered on time.
• Specify the name of the person who will be receiving the shipment in the “Attention”    column.
• If the shipment is to be delivered to an office address, please indicate the Department    where the receiver is working to ensure that the correct person receives the shipment.

1c. Shipment Information

If there are any special delivery instructions or special handling needs, please
   fill in the remarks section.
Only if applicable - Commodity description: list all items in the packages
   separately and in detail. Attachment of a commercial invoice will be useful
   for additional information that cannot fit onto the consignment note.
Only if applicable - Fill in the price or the market value of the items being shipped.
   The sum should tally with the commercial invoice.
Fill in the weight and dimensions for each of the items in the shipment. If item is fill in the weight and dimensions for each of the items in the shipment. If item is
   light but oversized, use volumetric weight instead.

Fill in the total number of pieces shipped under this consignment note and the total weight.   Specify the date the shipment was sent.

1d. Type of Shipment

Indicate whether your shipment is a document or a parcel.

1e. Account Number

If you are a City-Link Express account holder, fill in the account number which
   has been assigned to you.

1f. Signature

Sign the consignment note and indicate the date.
Remove the shipper’s copy of the consignment note for your archival purpose and leave    the rest of the consignment note intact with the shipment.

2. Attach your completed Consignment Note to your shipment/s
Once you have completed all the details in your consignment note, kindly remove the self-adhesive seal from behind the consignment note and attach it to your shipment.

3. Attach any supporting documents (if applicable)
If you are sending parcels to any international destinations, please attach a copy of your Invoice together with the shipment. This will help ensure that there will not be any delays in forwarding your shipment.
  For a sample of the Invoice, please click here . .


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