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Outskirt Delivery Area

Just like other countries, Malaysia has diverse demographic mapping with some areas being less accessible compared to the more developed ones. Even so, it is not impossible for us to ship it for you. Same goes to the other countries where you can still identify the particular areas you want us to ship to and we will do our best in doing so.

In this section, you can fill in the specific postcode for an area you want to ship your parcels or documents to. Furthermore, you will have to fill in the dimension of you parcel (Length x Width x Height) and the weight of it. If the details of the place you entered are not of the Outskirt Delivery Area, then you will be notified after clicking ‘Submit’ as “This is not an ODA Postcode/City”.

If the details of the place you want your shipment to is indeed and ODA, then the ‘Estimated ODA Surcharge’ will be displayed.


Estimated ODA Surcharge

Total estimate ODA rate MYR -