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Delivering For 30 Years – Mr. Mohan Turns 60 This September

During August 2021, City-Link Express was approached by the Asian Trucker Magazine to be featured in its “Trucker of the Month” section. We managed to get Mr. Mohan, our long-time driver to be featured as he has been with us for 16 years. Upon turning 60 at the end of September 2021, Mr. Mohan, or as his full name, Mohan a/l P.R. Kurup has a career as a driver for 30 long years, having served other courier companies as well in the past. The interview explains on the details of his daily tasks, his truck, and his life goals.  We felt that this featured interview is a well-deserved opportunity to show our appreciation towards Mr. Mohan for his years of hard work and dedication