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Shoppymore launched an exclusive online chat show with City-Link Express’ very own Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ronald Tan on the 14th of January 2022. The online show was broadcasted live on Facebook and YouTube at 2PM that Friday. Hosted by Dato’ Thiwakaran M., CMO of Shoppymore, there was plenty of insightful information in the exchange between him and Mr. Ronald Tan.

As the main topic mainly focused on building business resilience in the post-Covid19 era, the two Chiefs discussed on sub-topics such as e-fulfillment’s best practice in the e-commerce business, the type of role logistics industry should play in the upsizing the e-commerce business, problems faced by logistics companies, strategic plans made by City-Link Express to improve its collaboration with Shoppymore, and others.

Towards the end of 2021, City-Link Express has officially become one of Shoppymore’s exclusive delivery partners. As partners, we hope nothing but only the best for our customers, and we expect that this collaboration will be able to maintain a happy business relationship while also providing the greatest possible client experience.

To watch the whole interview, drop a visit to https://bit.ly/3h8qzkB