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For your own safety, it is crucial to determine whether the food products you would like to ship are suitable to be couriered. Perishable items and food need strict food handling measures to keep them fresh and from going bad. To prevent unnecessary wastage, do assess whether the food products you will be sending have the characteristics as below.

Characteristics of perishable foods are

  1. Need temperature controlled environment

  2. Last typically around 1-7 days only at room temperature

  3. Need to be kept in the refrigerator

  4. Usually unprocessed, homemade and wet products

Examples of perishable foods are raw meat, seafood, dairy products and fresh fruits.

Meanwhile, the characteristics of non-perishable foods are the opposite of perishable ones, as they mainly

  1. Do not need temperature controlled environment

  2. Last longer usually from about 2-3 weeks until years in room temperature

  3. Do not need to be refrigerated

  4. Usually processed and dry products

Examples of non-perishable foods are serunding daging, canned/dried fruits and potato crisps. 

Please remember that food poisoning can be fatal. You should always be mindful of the food handling measures and avoid using a courier to ship your perishables especially if the service is not specialised in cold chain industry. For non-perishable foods, City-Link Express would be more than glad to ship them for you. Stay safe!

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