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City-Link Express: Our Services, Your Satisfaction

City-Link Express has over 12 different services provided to ensure their customer have a great experience

PETALING JAYA: City-Link Express has 12 different services for their customers satisfaction. Yes, you read that right. City-Link Express has over 12 different services to ensure that they provide the best services for their customers and clients. Not only that, they have also taken extra measures to enhance their online system and transportation services as well. As you may know, City-Link Express has over 40 years of experience in the field of logistics and freight delivery services. Not to mention, City-Link Express has come a long way from their first ever delivery by enhancing and upgrading their services and standard operating procedures. City-Link Express team has been working hard on the front and back of the company to ensure they give their best and provide quality services to their customers and clients.

To start off, City-Link Express offers courier and delivery services. In fact, both of those services carry different meaning towards one another, couriers can be negotiated as “carriers” or “freight” which performs the transport from door-to-door service. On the other hand, a delivery service is a general broader term to describe the process as a whole to transport a cargo from point A to point B which is through air or sea freights. Furthermore, City-Link Express also offer their customers Third Party Logistics (3PL) provider or in other words ‘Warehousing’. They are responsible for each and every activity such as Transport, Warehousing, Packing, Inventory management and Freight forwarding activities. 3PL acts as a bridge between manufacturer and receiver in supply chain activity.

In addition, City-Link Express also provides air freight delivery services if customers are in need of delivering their goods or even P&C documents abroad or shipping from abroad to Malaysia. Air freight service is a popular choice for many companies and customers as it ensures passage of their goods to anywhere in the world that an aircraft can fly to and land. Goods transported by air have the advantage of being taken to their final destination at high speed which could prove advantageous if the shipment is time sensitive. However, City-Link Express has also another service called Same Day Delivery. Same Day Delivery is a delivery of product in the time span of less than 24-hours. This service has its advantage of delivering the goods to a customer or client if they are in urgent need of the goods or as a reliable option than can satisfy their customer needs and wants.

Now customers can order and ship their goods without any hassle in their own comfort

Furthermore, City-Link Express provide dedicated services towards their customers and clients. This shows City-Link Express cares and dedicates themselves to delivering up until they reach the level of expectations that their customers have on them. With that being said, City-Link Express dedicated service means that they ensure their customer’s parcel stays on only one vehicle throughout the delivery with no regional distribution centres, no satellite hubs and no multi handling means and no damage or loss. City-Link Express provides efficient service and their front-line staff will deliver prompt to your doorstep. This shows the level of dedication and security City-Link Express would reach to guarantee the safety and the privacy of their customer’s goods. Also, City-Link Express has their own corporate mailroom. This service is designed to ensure that documents are transferred appropriately and quickly, and that nothing will ever be lost. Not only that, City-Link Express have come up with a service called Parcel Guard. It is where City-Link Express provide Parcel Guard service to their customers as low as RM 5 per consignment with the coverage for your high valued shipments from collection to delivery. City-Link Express Parcel Guard is billed as a better alternative than home security cameras with their front-line staff looking over their customer’s high valued parcels and documents with the utmost care. This shows that City-Link Express is in it to win it for their customer’s trust and happiness.

Nevertheless, City-Link Express have also gone way and beyond with their enhanced and newly upgraded online systems. With that being said, City-Link Express has evolved as a courier and logistics company by providing their top-notch services with introducing API-Application Integration & EDI for your E-Commerce Web-store Development. The main goal of City-Link Express for their customers is to save costs for their customers, keep their customers happy and reduce stress for all parties involved.  Moreover, City-Link Express also provide Last-mile delivery service to their customers where the goal of last mile delivery is to deliver items to the customer as quickly as possible while minimizing the company costs.

Last but not least, City-Link Express offer international express services to their customers as well. City-Link Express commits its expertise in managing the entire global logistics process with services combined throughout the chain to ensure that their customer’s consignment is delivered safely, precisely, on time and on budget. Next, with the experience of City-Link Express team at custom clearance they manage to check documentation and custom compliance for their customers with the intention of saving their customer’s time and hassle. Besides that, City-Link Express also provide convenient and economical solution for small shipments, non-account and walk-in customers to any of their Branches and Drop-in Centre when the consignor or shipper, pays the freight bill for the shipment it is moving for its customer, then charges its customer after delivery. In addition, City-Link Express offers the option to collect shipments from your customer or business associate and deliver it back to you. Usefully if your business deals with return parts / goods. This service is available for local and overseas shipments.

In conclusion, City-Link Express works hard for their customer’s satisfaction and loyalty. City-Link Express is working hard every day to ensure their customers are happy and that they reach their customer’s expectation.