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Corporate Social Responsibility – Gotong Royong Perdana Madani —

SHAH ALAM: On Saturday, 23rd September 2023, the HR Department of City-Link Express organized a programme called Corporate Social Responsibility and acted as a representative of the company. The programme was hosted by SMK Seksyen 18, Shah Alam and NGO Oyyum Foundation with over two hundred (200) participants joining for the programme, including City-Link’s representatives.

The objective of the programme is to enhance the quality of life of the community, especially the students and the school staff by addressing the cleaning issues present. The programme also aims to foster a sense of community spirit and togetherness in the community and to strengthen the bond between the community and the company.

The programme started at 7:30 am and ended at 12:30 pm. All 200 participants, including City Link’s representative, helped in cleaning the school environment, painting and refurbishing the walls and also the buildings of the school. By the end of the programme, the school are now spick and span thanks to the efforts of all participants.

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The Ministry of Finance announced in Budget 2022 that Low Value goods (LVG) not exceeding RM500 from abroad sold online by seller and delivered to consumers in Malaysia is subject to sales tax with effect from 1 January 2023.

This is to ensure level playing field and fair treatment between all LVG
purchased from overseas or locally. Therefore, any person who sells LVG through an online marketplace or operates online marketplace should make this guide as a reference

In the context of LVG, who is the seller? “Seller” means a person, whether inside or outside Malaysia, who: i. sells LVG on an online platform; or ii. operates an online marketplace for the sale and purchase of LVG.

How to register as RS?
A seller may apply for registration with effect from 1 January 2023. Application
shall be made via https://lvg.customs.gov.my

For more assistant please visit official website of Royal Malaysian Customer Department for Sales Tax and LVG

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