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City-Link Prepaids are consignment notes in the form of stickers that were designed for the convenience of our valued clients and, in particular, to make shipping easier. These prepaids can be acquired ahead of time to fulfill your immediate shipping needs or retained for later usage.

Prepaid is available in two (2) types: parcel and document. Each type has its own classification of booklets based on the weight and places it will travel through.

  1. Document

    1. Document 1kg Within KL Selangor

    2. Document 1kg To East M’sia S’pore

    3. Document 1kg Within Peninsular M’sia

    4. Document 1kg Within Sabah/ Within Sarawak

  2. Parcel 

    1. Parcel 1kg To East M’sia Vice Versa

    2. Parcel 2kg Within Peninsular M’sia

    3. Parcel 2.5kg To East M’sia Vice Versa

    4. Parcel 3kg Within Peninsular M’sia

    5. Parcel 10kg Within Peninsular M’sia 

    6. Parcel 20kg Within Peninsular M’sia


Our Prepaid stickers are simple to use. Below are its easy instructions.:

  1. Fill in your information on the prepaid sticker correctly.

  2. Before peeling, remove the sticker from the booklet. Be sure to keep the Shipper Copy.

  3. Peel a prepaid sticker off the booklet and adhere it on your shipment, whether it’s a parcel or a document.

  4. Bring your shipment to your nearest City-Link Branches, Drop-In Centers, or City-Link Agents once it’s ready.

  5. Another alternative is to request City-Link Pickup, which is free but requires you to be in your office and not in any residential neighborhoods.  

As an added benefit, all type of Prepaids are eligible for City-Link pick-up services. Ultimately, our City-Link Prepaids can be purchased through our E-Shop, any local Drop-In Centers where you can find through our Find Us section on our website, or by contact our sales representative! So, what exactly are you waiting for? Now is the time to get your shipping affairs in order!

Direct links to get our Prepaids from:

E-Shop: https://www.citylinkexpress.com/shop-with-us/ 

Drop-In Centers: https://www.citylinkexpress.com/find-us/ 

Sales Representative contact: +6016-339 9999 (WhatsApp)