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What does a delivery driver do?

You may have seen delivery drivers driving medium to large trucks on the road every day and thought it would be simple to be a delivery driver, simply sending items to consumers… But it isn’t as easy! A delivery driver is more than just a person moving goods from one place to another. It is much more intricate and detailed than it may seem. Everything must be thoroughly considered from daily routines, safety procedures, basic vehicle maintenance, skills & requirements, and many more. 



What are the actual qualifications for becoming a delivery driver? Can anyone just be one? The answer is that a delivery driver must meet a series of criteria, and no – not anyone can simply become one. The following are the qualifications required of a delivery driver:

  • In Malaysia, drivers must be a Malaysian citizens and of age 18 years or above
  • A driver must hold a high-school diploma or any certificates that are equivalent to it
  • A driver needs to own a valid and current drivers license – a GDL license is practically a must-have in order for drivers to drive vans or lorries
  • An acceptable driving record is also preferred to give companies more confidence in hiring processes
  • The ability to operate and navigate a delivery van or lorry would also be optimally important



Furthermore, we will discuss the duties of a delivery driver. Every step of their daily routine is important, and if one is omitted or performed wrong, it can compromise safety measures. The following are the regulations for a normal day in the life of a delivery driver:

  • To prevent damage, spoilage, or loss, transport, unload, and deliver things in a safe and secure way
  • Obtain consumer confirmation of delivery
  • Keep a driving and delivery record in accordance with company policies and procedures
  • Follow all applicable transportation and road laws
  • Follow all applicable safety regulations
  • Safely and properly load delivery items
  • Perform vehicle inspection before departing
  • Follow the time and travel arrangements
  • Check orders prior to delivery
  • Ensure that the delivery vehicle is kept clean and in good working order
  • Check orders after they’ve been delivered to make sure they’ve been completed correctly
  • Reports and paperwork preparation required 


Other Requirements

Aside from the necessary certifications and obligations, a delivery driver must possess other abilities and physical needs that will assist in their everyday tasks. Excellent driving skills, interpersonal skills, concentration, and organization are all part of this. Physical needs include the ability to move, push, load & unload objects, lift, bend, kneel, crouch & stretch, climb into & out of a van many times each day, and walk up and down stairs as needed to transport items.



To summarise, being a delivery driver is just as challenging as any other job. This position is frequently taken for granted, and the stigma surrounding it must be removed. Delivery drivers should be valued more, and the importance of their responsibilities should be explained to younger generations. After all, they are the front-liners of their organizations, and without them, numerous difficulties may arise.

City-Link Express offers only the finest for its delivery drivers and riders across the nation. This is so that they can perform at the highest level of quality when carrying out their tasks and duties every single day. Without the drivers and riders, City-Link Express would not be standing this tall and strong up to this day and age. For a trusting delivery service as a partner, City-Link Express is the only answer.



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The Ministry of Finance announced in Budget 2022 that Low Value goods (LVG) not exceeding RM500 from abroad sold online by seller and delivered to consumers in Malaysia is subject to sales tax with effect from 1 January 2023.

This is to ensure level playing field and fair treatment between all LVG
purchased from overseas or locally. Therefore, any person who sells LVG through an online marketplace or operates online marketplace should make this guide as a reference

In the context of LVG, who is the seller? “Seller” means a person, whether inside or outside Malaysia, who: i. sells LVG on an online platform; or ii. operates an online marketplace for the sale and purchase of LVG.

How to register as RS?
A seller may apply for registration with effect from 1 January 2023. Application
shall be made via https://lvg.customs.gov.my

For more assistant please visit official website of Royal Malaysian Customer Department for Sales Tax and LVG

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